Food Friday #3

My friends and I do not need an excuse to go out for a meal. We are screenshot_20190526-152406_video-player4907398162818729776..jpgquick to jump on deals and what better time for deals than Ramadan?! There are more Iftar deals than days within the month of Ramadan with which to enjoy them all. Keeping that in mind we must be selective with the offers that we pursue. The girls and I decided to try something different from the usual Iftar buffets. We chose a trending eatery called

Burger & Lobster. My first experience with B&L was at Taste of Dubai 2018 where I tried one of their lobster rolls….. yummm–oooo!!!! 

The Iftar deal is a set menu that includes 3 courses and a soft drink. It’s pretty much a sampler of the main items on the menu.

Daily soup for the first course. We had a mushroom soup served with a slice of toast. The main course was a mini cheeseburger (which wasn’t that mini), a shrimp roll, half-pound lobster served steamed or grilled and a side of fries. The dessert was a slice of tres leches. I’ve never been a huge fan of tres leches because of the squishy consistency but this one was just right amount of moistness and sweetness. 🙂

Of course, here are the pics because what’s the point of Foodie Friday if it’s not the food porn!




Indian Adventure: Taj Mahal

I’ll never tire of repeating it. Dreams do come true!

For as long as I could remember I’ve dreamt of seeing the Taj Mahal with my own eyes, live and in color, where I could actually stand before it and marvel at its grandeur.  December 2017, that dream came true.

It was a short weekend trip but it was the perfect amount of time to book a private tour to Agra and visit the most beautiful mausoleum in the world. My friend Rupa and I hit the streets of Old Delhi and went shopping for saree fabrics and accessories. I was fortunate to find a tailor who was able to create a skirt and blouse out of my new hot pink materials within a few hours. They even delivered it to my hostel.

Here are a few pics of me sporting said hot pink saree with matching bindi, gold bangles and bell earrings found in Old Dehli.

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Hostel

I read a post recently where the blogger was knocking hostels and implying that they are only good for younger travelers, you know the twenty-something backpackers. That viewpoint slightly offended me considering that I’m thirty-something and prefer a rolly bag as opposed to a backpack. I mean, I didn’t have my first hostel experience until I was 31 and I loved it! I don’t stay in hostels on every trip I take but they are great for a number of reasons. Affordability being #1.

Here are 5 factors I personally consider when selecting a hostel.

1. Location

I tend to look for hostels that are near the city center of whatever city I’m visiting. I want to be in close proximity to whatever attractions I have on my itinerary. If it’s a city with a metro then it would be great to find a hostel that’s close to the metro stop for obvious reasons.


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Jordanian Adventure Part 4: The Dead Sea

If you ever plan a trip to Jordan make sure you include a stop at the Dead Sea!

It’s the lowest point on earth and it offers a once in a lifetime experience. Apparently, the salt level in the Dead Sea is about 10x more than that of the oceans. The simple fact is that the Dead Sea is dense. So dense that you will automatically float once you are about waist deep. The water takes control. You won’t be able to stand upright even if you try. Trust me. I tried. I failed.

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