Blogging Thoughts

In the blog-o-sphere not posting for a day is equivalent to a week, not posting for a week is equivalent to a month, needless to say that not posting for several months is equivalent to starting from scratch.

Clearly I’m not on the road to influencer. 🤷🏽‍♀️

I’ve discovered a simple obvious truth… living my life is much more exciting than documenting every nanosecond of it.

Even still new posts coming soon!

Indian Adventure: Taj Mahal

I’ll never tire of repeating it. Dreams do come true!

For as long as I could remember I’ve dreamt of seeing the Taj Mahal with my own eyes, live and in color, where I could actually stand before it and marvel at its grandeur.  December 2017, that dream came true.

It was a short weekend trip but it was the perfect amount of time to book a private tour to Agra and visit the most beautiful mausoleum in the world. My friend Rupa and I hit the streets of Old Delhi and went shopping for saree fabrics and accessories. I was fortunate to find a tailor who was able to create a skirt and blouse out of my new hot pink materials within a few hours. They even delivered it to my hostel.

Here are a few pics of me sporting said hot pink saree with matching bindi, gold bangles and bell earrings found in Old Dehli.